The Topp Personal Security Device Launch

Topp Security is proud to announce the launch of the latest and best personal security device yet!  


Although, we have built a device that we believe is worth every penny, we believe in the story behind our device even more!

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We've calculated the risk and done the math.

We created a device to set your mind at ease over your family’s safety.
We sat down to design a personal security system to protect you and your loved ones from ever being without a sense of preparedness, security, or peace-of-mind.
Toppsecurity FOB has a one-button ‘Locate ME Now’ GPS tracking alert that means this intelligent system has always got your back. You are always within the safety zone of care, wherever you may be. 
And it’s the only device of this calibre to run on the new 5G network as well as the current 4G LTE network.
In three offerings, the Security Key FOB, the Security FOB for Kids, and the Security FOB for Seniors are all remarkably trust-worthy 24 x 7. Just listen to this Personal Protection Device does:
  • It’s Waterproof
  • Operates on the Most Leading Edge Technology
  • Is Small, Light, & Stylish
  • Has an ‘always-on’ GPS Locator
  • Provides Locate-ME-Now Link-App Alerts
  • Maintains a 5-7 days Battery Life
  • Has One-Way Communication