In loving memory of Reagan Delaney Tokes (1995 – 2017)

On February 8th, 2017 our lives were impacted for the worse.

Our loved one Reagan Tokes was abducted at gunpoint while leaving work and walking to her car. Her abductor forced her into her car where he intercepted her phone, preventing access to it and then ultimately threw it out the window so she had no means of communication. He then made her drive to her bank’s drive thru ATM to withdraw cash for him and ultimately made her drive to a park where he raped and murdered her.

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Unchecked Evil Story on NBC Dateline
Unchecked Evil Story on NBC Dateline

We are committed to making every attempt to prevent this kind of tragedy from happening to anyone ever again. ​

We know that because of what happened to Reagan, we are going to make the world a safer place. The first step was to change existing Ohio law which we introduced to Ohio Legislators – The Reagan Tokes Bill. The first part of the bill which was passed in 2018, allows a judge to sentence a violent offender to a range of years rather than a set term. So if the violent criminal misbehaves while in prison, as Reagan’s killer did, they will have to spend a longer amount of time behind bars. While the bill that passed would change how people like Reagan’s killer are sentenced, the second part of the bill would call on the department of corrections to write a feasibility study on ways to improve GPS monitoring and reduce the number of prisoners who are released homeless as Reagan’s killer was. To read more about the Reagan Tokes Bill – SB 201, please click here

Does this resonate with you as well?