Hi, We are Topps Security.

Topps Security is a change-agency committed to the peace of mind of our clients. We want to keep you as safe as possible.

The kind of world we find ourselves in can at times be harsh. It’s a challenging time to live, work, and raise a family in. When we feel safe and secure, we have the confidence to pursue dreams and adventures that enrich our journey through life. And… we love to share that with the ones we love.

Where a sense of vulnerability exists, we suffer loss. At Topps, we are helping change that loss into a win by bringing a technology platform to you that can remove fear and restore the confidence to pursue purpose again.

We are proud to be equipping our family, friends, and neighbors everywhere with a tool that changes lives because we know what it’s like.

Two years ago, we lost someone very precious to us. She was taken at gunpoint, with no way for anyone to know where she was or how to find her. Reagan didn’t think she had any reason to worry about her safety when she’d left work that day. And, though we wish that were the case, many stories, like Reagan’s, don’t have a happy ending.

Topps Security Key Fob (key not included)

The Device

That’s what we at Topps are committed to preventing. With our GPS Security FOBs, that come as inconspicuous, little black boxes, we can make sure that you don’t have to worry about the safety of those you care about. Water doesn’t bother the key FOBs. Neither does battery life, since we’ve made them to last five to seven days. That’s a whole work week with no recharge! They can also link to an App with a ‘Locate me Now’ so you can check in from your phone if you’re ever worried.

The applications are endless​

Topps Security Fob for Kids (with clip hook for easy application to child or animal)
Topps Security Fob for Seniors (with lanyard for wearing)


What about the next time mom goes shopping, and the toddler whose got the curiosity bug wanders off? With a Security FOB in his little pocket, mom can find him easy. No more wandering around looking for your little buddy, you’ll know exactly where he went, be it the next isle over, or the other end of the store!


When was the last time you or someone you love needed help? Our Seniors key FOBs have two way communication. Need to call the nurse, or a family member? We’ve got an alert for that. What about if you accidentally miss a stair? Our devices have built in fall detection, and can immediately send out a signal so you can get help asap.

How About Pets

How about our beloved four-legged friends who happen to dash out the door in search of adventure? Forget posters and offered rewards, you’ll know exactly where your dog went for a run… or who’s been feeding your cat.

Here at Topps we want to help. We desire for your family to be as secure as possible with state of the art devices that will be there when you need them most!